Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Gardens

I’ve been to the Olympics! Admittedly, four years late.

We seem to have made a habit of missing them, arriving in Beijing – from our then home of Kuala Lumpur – to miss the 2008 Olympics by a matter of days, living on completely the wrong side of the world in 2012 and then leaving the Southern Hemisphere just as the Olympics arrived there this year.

And having not yet bought a TV in London it’s even a challenge to follow from afar, so instead, Paul and I ventured over to Stratford to try and find some Olympic-magic there. Continue reading

Hatfield House Garden

It was a pretty murky day when we, raincoats donned,  set off for Hatfield House. But not to worry, Hatfield was all about the house, the history and the heritage. I’d seen photos of its formal garden but decided that a glimpse out of the window would probably suffice: I didn’t particularly need to see lots of hedges close up. Continue reading

Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2016: Gold-medal gardens

The Hampton Court Palace Flower Show opens today in London, exhibiting an amazing 47 show gardens and over 500 horticultural stands. You’d be right in guessing that this is the largest garden show in the world. Although also run by the Royal Horticultural Society, unlike Chelsea, it has a very relaxed feel to it and visitors are actively encouraged to get in amongst the plants in many of the gardens. Continue reading

Kensington Roof Gardens Design

As I squeezed into the lift to the sixth floor, elbow to elbow with other visitors, I wasn’t overly excited about this one. I’d seen photos of the gimmicky flamingos and palm trees in this popular corporate events venue and the appeal of a local community coming together around a square of ancient plane trees and newly planted perennials was somewhat lacking. But having walked past the building many times over the last few months, there was something urging me on. Continue reading