I love to work with gardeners on their gardens. To help guide, share ideas, problem solve and leave people feeling confident about the next steps. This may only be tweaking small aspects of your outdoor space or it may be coming up with a whole new layout; it may involve hard landscaping or just the plants; you may be totally new to gardening or you may have heaps of experience. Either way, it’s all about taking your garden to the next level, ensuring both a functional and beautiful space that exactly meets your needs. To work with you to create something you never thought possible in your wildest imagination.

Gardening is always a forever journey. That’s one of its deep pleasures. It’s also a very personal thing: beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. My role is to guide you towards your personal vision of beauty. Here are some photos of gardening journeys I have been privileged to be a part of:


Louise's garden in 2013Louise built a new house from scratch  and couldn’t wait to get going on the garden. In just a couple of years she has utterly transformed the property and evolved our original design as she’s gone.





A garden suffering from soil depletion due to a nearby gum tree


Simon was looking for a contemporary feel to his side garden, which had barely any plants left due to a large tree stealing moisture and nutrients. We decided on a Japanese-inspired design, added structure and ornamentation to the area and finished it off with irrigation to help it on its way.

Tropical Japanese garden in Sydney


















Garden - beforeJoyce was soon to be retiring and thought she’d have a little more time to spend in the garden. Little did she realise how addictive gardening was and what a big part of her life it would turn out to be!

Joyce's garden some years on




Oversized paving There’s nothing I love more than a garden with a sense of place so I was thrilled when Judy said she’d like a little piece of Australia in her Canberra ‘backyard’. The space was small but now feels deceptively large with curves aiding the flow.





Queanbeyan Garden - BeforeHelen loves gardening but wasn’t sure where to start with her front garden. Rainwater run off, drought, kangaroos and rabbits all played havoc with this area. But once she was off there was no stopping her!

Queanbeyan Garden





Difficult sloping site for the back garden designRoger had a real challenge with a sloping back garden. We designed a semi-sunken fire pit to take best advantage of the bank and added retaining walls to give a more formal look. We just need a bit more plant growth now!

Brand new hard and soft landscaping at this new home




Before - Biodiverse gardenI’ve only once started my own garden (almost) from scratch, but I did have great fun with it. It was a very modern house with token landscaping by the builders. I wanted a soft, abundant look, despite the very dry climate, so picked drought tolerant plants that would thrive in the conditions. It took about 18 months from the top to the bottom picture.

Biodiverse 2

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