A lot can happen in a week…

Since I last blogged, we have handed over the keys to our Kensington flat; settled into our new, teeny-tiny, but gorgeous, Chelsea flat; bought 10% of a four acre garden; been up to the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon, visiting four gardens associated with Shakespeare’s family; and even snuck into a world-class garden I’d not yet seen, on the road trip to Warwickshire. Back in London, we’ve been to see Madam Butterfly at the Royal Opera House and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at Cadogan Hall, just a stone’s throw from our new place. It’s been a pretty busy, pretty fun and pretty successful week all round. Continue reading

Babylonstoren, South Africa

‘We had to call in the chicken consultant’, roared Constance. ‘You know, if you’ve got a problem with your business you call in a business consultant; well we had problems with our chickens. They stopped laying’, she boomed. ‘You see these salad leaves dangling from the beams? That’s our chicken gym. Now the chickens have to jump for their food, they lay every day’, she bellowed, with a beaming smile. Continue reading

Vergelegen Estate Gardens, South Africa

If you are anything like me, you might at this point be sitting, brow furrowed, wondering how on earth you pronounce ‘Vergelegen’. It’s almost impossible to even have a go at it. And after hearing the word many, many times, I still had to just cheat and watch a youtube clip to be reminded. It’s something like, ‘Fair-ke-lear-ken’. Obvious, really. Continue reading