Chelsea in Bloom, 2017

I’m feeling really rather lucky to be living in such a very special part of the world this week. Not only am I about two minutes walk from a certain flower show, but the streets all around me are ‘paved’ with flowers right now.

Chelsea in Bloom runs each year to greet people on their way to the show

My very lovely landlords and the RHS team up during Chelsea week each year to put on the incredible spectacle of Chelsea in Bloom, involving the local shops, restaurants, hotels and public spaces. This year the theme is ‘Floral Safari’, with funds being raised to support Elephant Family, an NGO with a mission to protect Asian elephants from extinction, which is also rather nice.

So, for a bit of fun, here are some of my new neighbours for the week. I hope you like them as much as I do!

On one of the busiest junctions in Chelsea, these giraffes look surprising comfortable in their new home, almost exactly matching the red-brick and stucco Victorian architecture beyond.

One of the things I’m so enjoying is the fact that it seems to capture everyone’s imagination. I wonder what the giraffe is leaning down to say to the small boy…?

The crocodile also looks surprisingly comfy amongst the palms, tree ferns and cycads…

…and he’s worth a closer look. I still keep noticing incredibly clever details with each look.

I’m not sure what the one on the left has eaten, but I do rather like this pair of zebras on Sloane Street…

…but perhaps this chameleon pips them to the post with his incredible use of plant material.

Above him sits this magnificent tropical bird. (I’d love to say I set the photo up perfectly but I shot it on the move before the traffic lights changed and now struggle to work out exactly what I did capture here.)

Surely the prettiest hippo you’ve ever seen, although apparently a happy hippo, too.

There are lions, big (don’t miss his tail, by the way!)…

…and very small…

…but all with startlingly charismatic faces.

There’s also a family of elephants just round the corner. It’s funny how anything small just seems to be oozing with cuteness…

…and the naughty monkeys climbing up a branch have you smiling, too.

This elephant in Sloane Square is another real favourite, with magically floating flowers of the prettiest colours…

…and I have to show you this female lion who is ridiculously cleverly half in and half outside this shop window.

Here’s one more of Geoffrey, who I’m really getting quite attached to now (perhaps it’s his Banksia ears)…

…and finally, a ferocious lion standing guard at the Duke of York Square with the most magnificent mane.

I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do when all my new friends go home on Sunday, it’s been such fun having them to stay!

20 thoughts on “Chelsea in Bloom, 2017

    • jannaschreier says:

      I really have bonded! I’m already looking forward to next year’s ‘Bloom’, although can’t imagine how they can possibly match this. Glad you enjoyed them and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

    • jannaschreier says:

      Oh, exciting! That’s the day I move house, too. Shame you’ll miss the animals but gardens will be about to hit their peak by then, so there’ll be plenty for you to enjoy.

  1. Suzanne says:

    Wow, fantastic…absolutely brilliant! They are pure joy. I think these floral sculptures surpass the flower show. What child looking at these wouldn’t fall in love with flowers. Thanks Janna, this is a real treat. X

    • jannaschreier says:

      They certainly equal the skill with their creativity and plant knowledge! Just incredible the range of material used and the realism. It was such a joy seeing children come across them. A few parents did the ‘don’t touch, it might bite’ thing but those that were allowed slowly, slowly approached them, looking them in the eye before making the next tentative step. All wanted to touch but were a little scared, but were unbelievably gentle when they did, just mouth opened and in delight. Gorgeous!

  2. Libby Cameron says:

    Love love love all these amazing creations. I opened your blog just as my grandchildren arrived for the day, and they were in raptures. Thanks so much for your happy postings Janna!!!

    • jannaschreier says:

      Aren’t they just incredible? I still can’t quite believe how clever their creators are. What great timing for you opening the blog; I’m glad they were interesting to your grandchildren, even on the screen. Now let me guess, was the purple giraffe your favourite?!

    • jannaschreier says:

      It has created such a feeling of goodwill, a bit like Christmas time. I used to live in Manchester so it all feels very close to home, but the goodwill really helps.

    • jannaschreier says:

      Thank you! Glad you were enchanted by them too. You wouldn’t think I was quite so lucky if you saw how much work I have to get done on my dissertation in the next two weeks, although admittedly there would be a little less if I didn’t keep getting distracted by all things flowers!

      • FlowerAlley says:

        I wish you well on this. I consider you lucky again. I have been trying to start my PhD for twenty years now. Life is what happens while you are planning other things. I am writing a book on the path that was chosen for me. Maybe someday it will happen.

        • jannaschreier says:

          Yes, things never quite work out as you expect them, do they? But it’s very exciting that you are writing a book. Perhaps you hadn’t planned that either? Good luck with it, and maybe that PhD will happen when the time is right.

  3. Adriana fraser says:

    What fun! And memories of my early childhood in holland came flooding back – the bloemencorso or flower pageant which came through the town we lived in. I love Geoffrey too but also the lioness which I at first thought was a tiger. Clever and fun all at once.

    • jannaschreier says:

      Gosh, a flower pageant sounds great! I didn’t think I’d get so excited by such things but the quality has just been so good that it really does inspire. Clever and fun has to be a pretty good combination, doesn’t it?!

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