January 2020: In the garden

I can’t quite decide if the distinct turning point I sense on the first of January each year is actually a real thing or all in my head. It’s as if there is a 180 degree shift in nature: before the new year everything is in decline, but from the first of January, those very same plants are suddenly on the ascent.

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The Falklands

It would be fair to say that I wasn’t overly excited about our pending trip to the Falkland Islands. Paul has these silly ideas every so often and usually if I lie low they seem to disappear. But having played the ‘maybe’, ‘we’ll see’, ‘we can have a think about it’ card for more than six months, I decided I’d better just go along with it. Continue reading

Happy Christmas!

Well, after almost two years away from Australia, I managed to time my very first trip back, in early December, to exactly coincide with the heaviest snowfall our village had seen in a decade. I was sad to miss the snow, but very much cheered up when photos of our very white garden kept popping up on my phone. Our lovely cleaner, next door neighbour and neighbouring farmer all kindly thought of me missing this moment and without being asked, popped over to capture our snowy garden for us. How grateful it made me feel to have such a thoughtful community around us in our new home. Continue reading


I thought I’d just say a quick hello. I’ve missed you!

The last month has been a madly busy time of packing; condensing our belongings from a generously Australian-sized four bedroom house to a London-proportioned, two bedroom house; preparing for a Masters exam (the big day is tomorrow); writing an assignment; and, oh yes, running a business. As you can imagine, I’m exhausted.

And the whole of January went past with not a single garden visit to be had. Thank goodness for birthdays, is all I can say. The perfect excuse for a break and a treat and this morning my dear friends Catherine and Steven took me for coffee and cake by the Potting Shed, to the newly planted Sydney Park Wetlands and then to my favourite of all, Cat Alley Continue reading