Rousham House and Garden

In 2011, Paul and I considered buying The Old Bank in sleepy Bungendore, New South Wales. A stunning stone building, developed through the 1800s, its history not only spans uses as a residence and bank, but also one of a blacksmith’s, solicitor’s, bakery, stock and station store and a bicycle maker, where the first bike in Australia is said to have been made. Continue reading

Ascott House and Gardens

I’ve been doing quite a bit of soul-searching over the six months we’ve been back in the UK. Well, perhaps soul-searching is a little overly dramatic, but just trying to work out how we want to live this next chapter of our lives.

Do we live in central London, so it’s convenient for Paul’s work and all the activities this amazing city has to offer? Or do I need more trees? And if we get a house outside London, where do we go and what do we look for? We really have too many options available. Continue reading

The Beth Chatto Gardens

“The site was wasteland, a wilderness lying between our farm and our neighbours. It consisted of a long spring-fed hollow where the soil lay black and waterlogged, surrounded by sun-baked gravel…in one of the driest parts of the country. But it was the extreme variation in growing conditions which intrigued us, the possibility lying before us of growing…plants adapted by nature to different situations.”   Beth Chatto Continue reading

An Almost Spiritual Visit to Great Dixter

Sometimes you visit a garden and become quite lost in it.  You forget everything in the world, basking in the joy of it.  Then you leave and get caught up in traffic and start thinking about what to have for dinner and frankly, move on.

Other times you visit a garden and it just doesn’t leave you.  Nothing can distract you from your thoughts of that garden for any length of time and nothing else seems quite as important or significant.  You wake the next morning still thinking of the garden. Continue reading