Garden Design Fest, Melbourne, 2014

Here are my favourite gardens from the 2014 Garden Design Fest, held across Melbourne on 15 and 16 November.  I review each of them in more detail on my blog.

1. Cameron Paterson’s Toorak Garden

A wonderful mix of natives and exotics, providing extremely sophisticated colour and texture contrasts.  The fit with the house architecture is outstanding.

Cameron Paterson's Toorak Oasis


2. Ros McCully’s Camberwell Garden

This garden focuses on silver, burgundy and green foliage contrasts, with gorgeous natural stone setting off the planting magnificently.

Ros McCully's Camberwell Colour


3. Sandra McMahon’s Kilsyth Garden

This half acre manages to fit in a huge native garden, a Japanese setting, creek and pond, 34 different roses, a colour-themed mixed border and a huge established elm.  A surprise around every corner!

Sandra McMahon's Kilsyth Surprise


4. Cameron Paterson’s Balwyn Garden

A green, lush garden with abundant planting.  Cameron’s planting combinations are some of the best I have seen in Australia and he has an amazing eye for structure and fit.  A very talented man.

Cameron Paterson's Balwyn Delight


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