New and Exciting

I’m feeling pretty excited. I’ve been asked to become an author for GardenDrum, the much, much bigger gardening blog, with 35 writers, across five different continents, many of whom I have seen on TV or heard on the radio. There I was, writing away on my little blog and an email popped up, just out of the blue. It’s amazing this internet thing!

My blog will continue here as normal – I’ve got hundreds of gardens to show you and many thoughts I’d like to share – but every few weeks, I will also publish on GardenDrum. I can’t post it here too, as Mr Google doesn’t like duplicate text, but I’ll add a photo and a link here to try and tempt you over.

My first article was posted today. I feel it’s great timing to celebrate my six month blog anniversary, which falls on….umm….well….29 February.  Which day is that then? I’ll just have to celebrate it early. I’m told that most blogs fold after 3-4 months, so I’m very happy that I’m not stuck for words (only time!) and with six pages of future blog titles lined up (and the fact that I never actually look at this list; I’ve always got something else new and ‘urgent’), I’m not likely to either.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting – I really appreciate your encouragement and support. It has been so much more fun than I expected when I started and it’s the interaction that is best of all.

So, here is my first GardenDrum post, called ‘The Relationship between Nature and Gardens‘. It is the sequel to the Central Coast triology, if that is possible to have.  At least, it is the fourth and final post about my trip to Killcare. Here’s the photo to help woo you over; I hope to see you there!

Maitland Beach, Central Coast. Janna Schreier

‘The Relationship between Nature and Gardens’ at Maitland Beach, Central Coast

(Click on the photo to read the post)

16 thoughts on “New and Exciting

  1. Fiona Cotton says:

    Fantastic Janna,

    Well done! I always enjoy reading your blog, so it’™s great to think you will be read by an even wider audience.



  2. Louise Dutton says:

    Well I am not surprised Janna! Must say I was not aware of the GardenDrum (shows my ignorance) but given how you have written about them the invite must be a privilege! You write so well and I always look forward to your blog. I am learning so much – thank you! Glad you will continue writing here and have so much more to share with us! Good luck with the new role as well. I will check out the GardenDrum.

    • jannaschreier says:

      Thank you, Louise. You are very kind. I am so glad we are able to keep in touch, despite the 300km distance between us, as I’m very much hoping to see your garden evolve and develop. I still have the ‘only-just-post-building-site’ photos in my mind so you are going to blow me away with all your hard work.

  3. Suzanne says:

    Fantastic news Janna and congratulations. I’m delighted you’ll continue with this blog (as I too look forward to my weekly ‘fix’) plus now I have another good blog to read about which, like Louise, I knew nothing. You seem to have swept a few of us along with your passion, skill and pure joy of gardening. Thank you for the fun ride and long my it continue.

    • jannaschreier says:

      Thank you, Suzanne. Your comments always bring a smile to my face. I hope you enjoy GardenDrum – it has a lot of variety and some great posts on natives so I think it will be right up your street.

  4. Patterson Webster says:

    Congratulations, Janna! I subscribe to Garden Drum and know what wide readership it has, and how well respected it is. Some of the posts are too Australia focused for me but many cover much wider topics. As does your first post there, which I have just finished reading. The text is great, ditto the photos. You can be sure that I will read the monthly posts you write with great interest. Bravo!

    • jannaschreier says:

      Thanks so much, Pat. It is amazing how much common ground there is, no matter where we are or what our climate is. I always find it thought provoking to see gardens from someone else’s view point – it’s great that we can all share and learn so easily these days.

    • jannaschreier says:

      That’s really sweet of you, thank you! I’ll have plenty of Englishness about it too – that’s where my passion for gardening first started. Thank you so much for ‘watching’!

  5. Adriana says:

    Wonderful visual and mental images – your insight into design is powerful.
    Australia’s best garden writer – nothing less!

  6. Dorothy says:

    Janna, your blogs are insightful, interesting, fresh, practical and an absolute pleasure to read. Not really surprising your writing has been picked up to be drummed to an even wider readership. Congratulations from NZ. x

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