NEW: But I May Not Be The First

A number of people have encouraged me to write a gardening blog – friends, family, Adriana, my lovely gardening mentor – but I have always thought, ‘I don’t have time’, ‘I’m not very good at writing’ and ‘who’d want to read my wittering plant-related thoughts anyway?’.

However, over the years I have written various pieces to go with inspiring photos I have taken and I have started to get the writing bug.  At least the garden-related writing bug, that is.  Just as with study, I have found that if you are passionate about a subject, pouring over books suddenly becomes a pleasure, not a chore.  It is all quite surprising!

I still thought, ‘no, I’ll just stick to the photo-based articles for my website’……until last week, when I realised I had so much I wanted to write about and really a whole heap of it didn’t fit under any of my website headings.  I really did want to witter about all things plants and I needed somewhere to post to.  With almost 2,000 clicks a month on my website (which amazes me every time I see it), somebody out there must have some interest……..and so a new blog is born.

So here I find myself writing a blog about writing a blog.  Who’d have thought?  It all feels a little bit scary, I feel a little bit vulnerable, but it’s also quite exciting.  I guess I will learn as I go and nothing ventured, nothing gained.  Millions before me have done it, so let’s see what happens……