Poolside Garden

Poolside contemporary gardenThis poolside garden has brought alive a new build house, completed in 2010.  The walls, surfaces and surrounds have all been softened by lush and colourful planting.  There is symmetry in the pots and hedge behind the pool which is complemented by more informal, varied planting further away.  This ensures the garden is in keeping with the geometric architecture, whilst adding interest and warmth.

Outdoor entertaining area is integrated into the gardenHere, you can see how the outdoor barbecue and entertaining area is integrated into the garden to create a contemporary, green oasis.

A closer look reveals carefully selected colours added through the use of a mix of flowering plants.

Colourful garden pool surroundsPlants were selected for vase life to enable the garden to be brought into the house and yet all plants were extremely drought tolerant and low maintenance.  The continuation of the garden brings a lawn, trees and more wooded areas with bursts of colour throughout.





All photos were taken two and a half years after planting.  Some of the larger trees were very happily ‘borrowed’ views from neighbouring gardens.