Earthy Australiana

Our client was building a large woodworking shed and needed a creative solution for the space between the shed and the house.  The brief was very clear – it was to be ‘earthy Australiana’ and our clients were looking for something a little bit different. The primary function was entertaining.

The photos below show the entrance to the garden:

BEFORE                                                       AFTER

We developed a ‘floating boardwalk’ concept, with natural curving shapes, starting by the front door and moving around to the back garden.  Garden beds were planted with primarily natives and these will spread to form a lush, green, cooling environment, softening the hard boundaries and creating an intimate area.  A sunken terrace was created for entertaining, with creeping Hardenbergia vines to cover the shade support and roof.  The relaxing sound of the water feature can be heard as you dine in this low maintenance garden.  Botanical Places installed the paving and completed all planting.  More photos below.