EOS 3 Dec 11 074Janna Schreier is a horticultural coach and consultant, garden designer, writer and speaker.

Janna Schreier left the corporate world to follow her passion…..beautiful plants in beautiful settings.  She spent two years retraining in horticulture and design with the Royal Horticultural Society and was flattered to win the ACS Yates’ ‘Most Promising Garden Design Graduate’ award.  She has horticultural experience across the three countries in which she has lived; the UK, Australia and Malaysia and holds dual nationality – British and Australian.

Janna likes to get to know her clients such that she can design a totally unique garden that they will fall in love with at first sighting and smile at every day.

In her own garden, Janna loves to experiment with contrasting colours, textures and forms. She aims to create harmonious plantings which are unique, sophisticated and multi-layered and which have bold structure, a fit with the local environment and plenty of character.

In the past, Janna has lived in everything from brand new properties to seventeenth century homes, developing flexible styles to suit each.

One size does not fit all.  Janna’s design style is varied and she thrives on the challenge of finding that perfect solution for each individual client.

Relevant qualifications:

Royal Horticultural Society Horticulture: Planning principles and production; Ornamentals, principles and maintenance
Pass with commendation

Royal Horticultural Society Advanced Horticultural Certificate
Pass with commendation

General Certificate of Secondary Education Art and Design
Grade A

‘A’ Level Biology
Grade A                                                                                                         

BSc (Hons) Management Science (Warwick Business School)

Currently studying part time for the Royal Horticultural Society’s Master of Horticulture.