Fees and Methodology

EuphorbiaFees – Design & Consultations

Our services are charged at £75 per hour. When we come out to you on site the call out fee is from £100, which includes the first hour.  For projects outside zones 1 and 2, travel fees are agreed up front.

Janna Schreier works directly on all projects herself.


Methodology – How we work

1. We listen.  Really listen.  You, the client, know better than anyone else what you like.  Our job is to extract your wish list and turn it into a beautiful, cohesive design.  Yes, we may need to suggest that the cactus really doesn’t work well in your rainforest-style garden, but if we have explored it and you still want it, then the cactus stays.

2. We do what we say.  If we tell you we will have your plan to you by Friday, we will have your plan to by Friday.

3. We are flexible.  If you don’t want a beautiful plan drawn up, you can have a ‘mud map’ on the back of an envelope.  We just want to provide you with what you want.  We have no desire to oversell.

4. We strive to make the process fun.  Plants and beautiful spaces are our passion.  We do this because there is nothing else in the world we would rather be doing.  We want to provide a friendly service that is an enjoyable process for you from start to finish.